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GE Energy's Air Filtration Team

Name:Jeff Ladwig
Title:Product Leader/Membrane
Experience:10 years
"I can show you how to get the most out of your fabric filter
venting processes. With the team of specialists we have here,
you can be confident that you’re getting the right people with
the right resources to handle just about any air pollution control
issue you have."
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Name:Karmin Olson
Title:Lead Engineer/Membrane
Experience:10+ years
"I oversee product development, application and technical
support to help keep you compliant in an ever-changing
regulatory climate. Because at the end of the day, my
biggest challenge is to help you solve yours."
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Name:Christopher Keller
Title:Product Line Leader/Membrane
Experience:20+ years
"I know the kinds of issues you face, and I'm confident that working together we can find a way to solve them. In fact, our GE Energy Air Filtration team is filled with specialists like myself, each with a long history of helping companies like yours solve the toughest microfiltration and microventing challenges."
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Name:Simon Larcombe
Title:Engineering Manager/Gas Turbine Inlet Filtration
Experience:25+ years
"My team and I approach your issues by combining the unique insights of our customers with the diverse expertise of our team. The result? Solutions that help you perform better, operate more efficiently and reduce costs."
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Name:Todd Walters
Title:Engineering Manager/Gas Turbine Inlet Filtration
Experience:10+ years
"Drawing on my experience with gas turbine inlet systems, my team can help you address your issues quickly and expertly. Now gas turbine manufacturers, power plants and you all have one thing in common: my complete attention."
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Name:Rob Colwell
Title:Services Leader/Gas Turbine Inlet Filtration
Experience:15 years
"Having worked with gas turbines in a number of capacities - from maintenance to commissioning to installation - I have a unique perspective on how to best protect them. With the Air Filtration team behind me, we can help handle all of your gas turbine filtration needs, including new filter house design and installation, retrofits, services and filter replacements."
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Name:Wyatt Burke
Title:Engineering Manager/Gas Turbine Inlet Filtration
Experience:25+ years
"We design and build OEM and retrofit systems for customers ranging from our own internal turbine suppliers to external turbine suppliers to naval shipbuilders. So if you have an issue, we'll design a way to not only address it, but to also help keep it from happening again."
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Name:Tian Zhang
Title:Lead Engineer/Industrial Filtration
Experience:20+ years
"Sometimes, finding solutions for your biggest challenges means looking in unexpected places. For example, our unique impulse cleaning systems – some of the most efficient and effective means for cleaning your boilers – were born from technology originally developed for jet engines."
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Name:Vishal Bansal
Title:Principal Engineer/Industrial Filtration
Experience:15 years
"I've been laser-focused on developing revolutionary solutions to your newest pollutant problems, including ones that you haven't even encountered yet. Our forward-thinking GE Energy Air Filtration team will keep you well prepared with advanced media and elements that scrub away tomorrow’s toughest issues."
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Name:Andy Winston
Title:Application Engineer/Industrial Filtration
Experience:30 years
"I've seen and helped solve just about every APC challenge you're facing. And I've learned that sometimes the answer lies in an innovative product, but other times there's a simple maintenance suggestion that can make a big difference. It takes experience to know the difference."
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Name:Corinne Prince-Fields
Title:Application Engineer/Industrial Filtration
Experience:18 years
"I know your processes, I know your pains, and I know what can be done to address both. With the resources and experience of GE Energy's Air Filtration team behind me, I can help make sure that your entire production process is operating at its most efficient."
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Name:Jim Plummer
Title:Product Application Engineer/Industrial Filtration
Experience:18+ years
"I've been helping companies address their air pollution control issues for years, so I not only understand the issues, but also the best solution to address them. From food processing to pharmaceutical, we can provide the design expertise, application experience and technical support you need."
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